VPM Helps Dr. Schindler Spend More Time with Family

Dr. Schindler & Associates

A bit about Dr. Schindler & Associates

Dr. Schindler & Associates has been proudly serving clients in Toronto’s Bloor West Village area, including High Park and surrounding areas, for over 20 years.

Offering general dental services including restorative dentistry, and working together with a roster of very experienced specialists in all aspects of dentistry where necessary, Dr. Schindler and his friendly staff do everything possible to ensure the best interests of each patient are always met.

Targeting a specific market

Dr. Schindler grew his practice almost entirely through referrals, and being also German-speaking further enabled him to tap into Toronto’s community of German-speaking Canadians and expats.

Today, Dr. Schindler’s practice has patients ranging in age from 3 to 103, has a great reputation including working with young children, and is now beginning to utilize more digital technology and social media to reach new patients.

Dr. Schindler & Associates
Dr. Schindler & Associates

Spending hours on payroll

Business at Dr. Schindler & Associates was similar to many other successful Canadian dental practices—you are never done before 7 pm, and you do your paperwork and payroll at night or on the weekend when you should be home with your family and loved ones.

Dr. Schindler did all administrative work including payroll entirely himself for many years before moving payroll to a large service provider that operates across North America. It delivered advantages over in-house payroll, but for Dr. Schindler, the results left lots of room for improvement.

Experiencing problems with other payroll service providers

“For a dental office of our size, 8-10 staff, such a provider turned out to be a very large and cumbersome company to work with. It might work great for some businesses, but it did not work well for me.

I don’t want to have to log into a website that throws me out on a regular basis or requires me to go through several barriers just to get to my own payroll numbers.

Also, most of our staff could not easily log into the website and access their own payroll data, and I didn’t have the time to be their middleman.”

Dr. Schindler & Associates

“We wanted more simplicity and a service provider that was reliable, not one that works one week and not the next. The large service provider also does not deal with anyone other than employees and they do not deal with payroll liabilities, so I ended up doing a large portion of the payroll work myself. Where’s the advantage in that? We wanted to be able to easily read the numbers and follow them. This all seemed common sense to me.”

Dr. Schindler

Dr. Schindler & Associates

A VPM customer since 2017

With certain payroll and service provider needs unmet, Dr. Schindler was referred to VPM for payroll services through a colleague and client of VPM. Dr. Schindler & Associates switched and joined VPM in June of 2017.

​VPM offered free onboarding, including a completely free reconciliation of YTD reporting on its system via a few existing standard reports, making year-end reporting straightforward and painless for staff and for CRA.

Eliminating past issues with VPM

VPM immediately appointed a single point of contact (and back-up) to streamline communications and the relationship through a payroll consultant who would work directly with Dr. Schindler or his delegate, helping avoid payroll and technical support phone queues.

​Software issues disappeared by putting the team on email reporting, freeing Dr. Schindler and his staff from spending a lot of time previously spent searching for the information they needed on the large company website that they sometimes found difficult.

And VPM’s suite of payroll reports was simple enough for any of the team to read, print or store.

Dr. Schindler & Associates
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Freeing up time for friends & family

“What I say about VPM is that it works for me and it’s a big improvement. Simple, numbers are correct, and I don’t have to waste any time.

I’m no longer spending a lot of time to get the information I need, and they’re easy to follow-up on.

​This is not rehearsed. I would not have agreed to do this if I didn’t feel VPM was worth recommending to others.”

“I need simplicity and reliability. VPM frees me from a stressful but necessary part of my work. Payroll used to mushroom out of control time-wise, and more time spent on that means less time to focus on my own work. VPM has made my life and my work easier. And if it continues, we will continue to do business. I am good with that.”

Dr. Schindler

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