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Fully customized payroll services for your unique business


Set up your payroll structure according to the way you pay your employees, no matter the size of your business.


Customize your payroll in regards to taxes, deductions, benefits, and paid/unpaid leave.


Ensure compliance by utilizing built-in options that adhere to Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) provincial legislation.

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Helping small businesses spend less time on payroll, and more time on growth

With a guaranteed error-free payroll process and no hidden costs, VPM ensures your employees are always paid on time and correctly the first time around.

Providing integrated HR tools to enterprises for better transparency & communication

Manage your Human Resources and Payroll from one solution. With a simplified human capital management (HCM) system like VPM, gain employee and financial insights like never before.

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Features to help you get the job done
faster & accurately

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  • Accommodates small to large organizations (1 -500+ employees)
  • 48-Hour set up
  • Work with a dedicated Account Manager
  • Low processing costs
  • No hidden costs
  • In-person and online training
  • Employee login access
  • Provincial and Federal Government compliance
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Quick online access allowing you to process your payroll from any location using your desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Learn how to calculate employee payroll
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  • Payroll deductions and benefits tailored to unpaid leave & union dues, multi-pay (hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annually), parental leave
  • Direct deposit & e-stubs for part-time employees
  • Remit source deductions on your behalf without worrying about late penalties from the government
  • Track and reflect benefits in payroll reporting to government  & employees
  • Can accommodate faxed or digital timesheets
  • Creates and submits Records of Employment on your behalf

Submit payroll via VPM’s online platform or by email

Get the same robust suite of payroll reporting with less complexity and risk by using our online web technology or through email. Save time with technology and have it work for you in a way that respects your time.


Use our online platform

VPM is a secure propriety payroll system that gives your managers and employees easy online access to a web-based portal for self-serve reporting of pay stubs, and a suite of payroll reports.

Employees can securely access their accounts, and designated company managers can access payroll reports for every employee and the organization.


Send files via secure email

Employees and managers can receive all the same payroll reports by emailing in automated password-protected PDF files.

Save time each pay period and eliminate the need to login to any system for routine and regularly occurring reporting.

Our errors & omissions guarantee

We guarantee to file all source deductions accurately and pay taxes and all disbursements on time. We protect all our clients against financial loss by comprehensive errors and omissions liability insurance which is a standard part of our e‐payroll management contract.

Additionally, our well‐designed and well‐tested disaster recovery plan minimizes the impact on your business’s bottom line.

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Integrating third-party systems

Map your General Ledger accounts to VPM with the help of your existing accounting system. Produce reports or file-based system integration options as desired.

​If you have a preference for a 3rd party timesheet application in terms of integrating data your employees can enter into our payroll system, we offer some flexible options. For more details on system integrations, please contact us.

You’re in good hands

V-TAC Payroll Management (VPM) has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing quality solutions for specific payroll needs. You’ll be matched with a professional, experienced, and friendly payroll consultant who will respond to your needs within 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Payroll Services

Can VPM track and report payroll by department?

Yes. As part of the onboarding process, we will ensure our systems are set up to reflect how your organization is structured in order to meet your departmental reporting needs. You have the ability to customize your payroll regarding taxes, deductions, benefits and paid/unpaid leave.

If you have any questions about how VPM can help your business with your payroll, contact us today!

How does VPM pay a client’s taxes?

Taxes are submitted to the government electronically, with source deductions (CPP, EI, and Tax – Federal & Provincial including EHT in Ontario) submitted on your behalf. VPM ensures compliance to CRA provincial legislation by utilizing built-in options.

Contact VPM today for more information about our payroll services.

Does VPM stay up-to-date with new payroll rules and legislations?

Yes. We follow all federal and provincial government changes affecting payroll. We add additional value to some client businesses by privately advising when a client might be offside on any legal obligation to their employees.

Contact us today for more information regarding our payroll services.

Can you direct deposit payroll into our employees accounts?

Yes, we can do that. Using our secure proprietary payroll system, VPM is able to offer direct deposit payroll for your employees. It also gives you and your employees quick and easy online access to payroll information from any location using your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

If you have more questions regarding our payroll services, contact us today!

Why should I use a payroll service?

Managing payroll for your employees can add a lot of stress to your job. Using a payroll service, such as VPM, ensures your employees are paid on time and correctly. As a business owner, you can focus your energy on growing your business.

If you have any more questions about working with VPM for payroll services, contact us today!

Can you integrate a third-party timesheet application?

Yes we can. If you have a preference for a 3rd party timesheet application, VPM can integrate it with our payroll system. You will pay the owner of the app for any user fees, and there will likely be a small one-time fee paid to VPM for this integration.

For more information on system integrations, contact us today!

Do you offer payroll services to individuals or families?

Yes. VPM’s payroll service can accommodate individuals or families for their payroll needs. For example, we can manage payroll for a family that has hired a nanny and does not want to manage their payroll or related reporting requirements.

Contact us today if you are interested in setting up payroll services today!

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