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Achieve work-life balance by getting payroll done faster and stress-free
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Spend less time on payroll and more time with patients

You’re busy, we get it. Do what you do best without worrying about paperwork and payroll by switching to VPM.

Manage your workforce, payroll and HR accurately from one complete system that’s customized to your dental practice’s needs.

Spend more time outside the office

As a business owner, you wear multiple hats. No more spending time in the evenings and weekends tying up loose ends and figuring out financials. Improve your work-life balance by letting VPM take complete care of the payroll & HR function.

Simple to use and reliable, VPM helps to free up your time.

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Benefit from using VPM’s payroll management service

Running a dental practice is not easy and properly managing your staff is crucial to your success. Although good communication and a great working environment go a long way, consistency of their paychecks, the correct amounts and being paid on time is very important to your staff.

Simplify the process by working with VPM to create a payroll management system that works for you and your staff.

Building a payroll system made for your dental practice

When you work with VPM for payroll management services, we set up your payroll structure according to the way you pay your staff, no matter the size of your dental practice. Our payroll systems are fully customizable and adhere to Canadian Revenue Agency Provincial Legislation.

​Learn more about our payroll services for dental practices across Canada.

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Built-in features with dental offices in mind

Setup Different Rate Structures

Customize your payment structure with rates based on the position, e.g. hygienist vs. admin.

Integrate Timesheet with VPM

Consolidate “punch in clock” Excel spreadsheet with VPM.


Get Detailed Employee Reports

Extract a report breakdown per employee & Doctor to gain insights into scheduling and payments.


Pay Contractors

Setup contractor payments for work completed.

Easy to Use

No more headaches when it’s time for payroll. Intuitive & simple design for maximum productivity.

Access from Anywhere

Connect to VPM from anywhere in Canada on your mobile or computer.

Gain Insights with GL

Know where your money is going and keep track of all financial data.

No Contracts

Unlike with other payroll providers, we don’t lock you into contracts. Use VPM for as long as you need.


Integrate with Third-Parties

Customize your payroll in regards to taxes, unions, deductions, benefits, and paid/unpaid leave.

Save Time

Spend less time trying to prepare your payroll documents, let us do all the work for you.

Helping dental practices manage their payroll stress-free

Dr. Schindler & Associates

Dr. Schindler & Associates

“VPM frees me from a stressful but necessary part of my work. Payroll used to mushroom out of control time-wise, and more time spent on that means less time to focus on my own work. VPM has made my life and my work easier.”

Mount Royal Dental

Mount Royal Dental

“On the business side, fees are reasonable compared to other providers, services are outstanding, and the relationship has been strong. What else can anyone else ask for?”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Payroll Services

Can VPM track and report payroll by department?

Yes. As part of the onboarding process, we will ensure our systems are set up to reflect how your organization is structured in order to meet your departmental reporting needs. You have the ability to customize your payroll regarding taxes, deductions, benefits and paid/unpaid leave.

If you have any questions about how VPM can help your business with your payroll, contact us today!

How does VPM pay a client’s taxes?

Taxes are submitted to the government electronically, with source deductions (CPP, EI, and Tax – Federal & Provincial including EHT in Ontario) submitted on your behalf. VPM ensures compliance to CRA provincial legislation by utilizing built-in options.

Contact VPM today for more information about our payroll services.

Does VPM stay up-to-date with new payroll rules and legislations?

Does VPM Stay up-to-date with new payroll rules and legislation?
Yes. We follow all federal and provincial government changes affecting payroll. We add additional value to some client businesses by privately advising when a client might be offside on any legal obligation to their employees.

Contact us today for more information regarding our payroll services.

Can you direct deposit payroll into our employees accounts?

Yes. As part of the on-boarding process, we will ensure our systems are set up to reflect how your organization is structured in order to meet your departmental reporting needs.

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