How Nexus Staffing Found Growth with VPM

Nexus Staffing

A bit about Nexus Staffing

Established in 2002, Nexus Staffing is a full-service employment agency focusing specifically on sourcing, recruiting, screening and placing top candidates in the Manufacturing and Logistics Industries across Canada. 

Nexus recruits their top candidates to fulfill many temporary part-time, contractual and full-time positions. They develop a custom recruitment and service plan for their clients.

In-house payroll took the focus away from growth

In its first year of business, Nexus was already growing quickly.

Payroll was performed in-house, and like most administrative functions, it was competing for time that took away from its core mission.

Senior Management realized it would be better off by outsourcing payroll.

Given the importance of payroll to its business, Nexus had begun its search for a reliable payroll service provider that would help to ensure that quality candidates were paid accurately and on time.

Nexus Staffing

“As we grew, we grew quickly. Administration was taking too much of our time and not where I wanted to spend my efforts. I wanted to use that time to find new clients we could offer our services to and recruit strong candidates for those positions.”

Mark Makowich, President & Owner

Nexus Staffing

Making the switch to VPM

Nexus switched and joined VPM in 2003, after its first year of operation.

Onboarding was free and quick – Nexus started using VPM within a week since first contacting VPM! 

​After being immediately appointed a single point of contact (a dedicated account manager), Nexus was grateful that communication can be streamlined and they wouldn’t have to jump from help desk to help desk in order to get help when they need it.

A VPM client for 16 years!

Nexus has been a client of VPM for nearly 16 years and has seen its business grow tremendously. The growth of Nexus has resulted in VPM producing over 3,000 T4s annually!

“It’s a partnership. I’ve recommended VPM to other businesses and I will continue to do so. They are very cost-effective, very fair. And their service is outstanding. VPM is also very nimble in the sense that employee hours are changing and coming in at different times, and despite this, accuracy is like 99.99 percent. We rarely get any errors,” said Mark.

Nexus Staffing
Nexus Staffing

 The benefits of outsourcing payroll

“If you’re not outsourcing your payroll and doing it in-house, I encourage you to outsource because you probably don’t realize how much time you’re actually spending on payroll. And if you already outsource, give VPM a shout for a free quote. There’s a lot of value in using VPM through the flexibility and service you get from their staff.

​Probably for us the biggest thing we get from VPM is their flexibility. They are very flexible compared to other payroll providers.

We’ve been dealing with our point of contact for the past 10 years and she’s great. It’s not a cookie-cutter service like you get from ADP,” said Mark as he reflected on his relationship with VPM.

Paving the way to growth

With the flexibility that VPM provides, Nexus Staffing can customize their payroll based on their infrastructure, while leaving money in their pockets that would otherwise go to expensive payroll providers. Equipped with the right tools, Mark can now take his business to the next level. 

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