Human Resources Management for Dentists - Why Hire an Agency to Handle HR

If you are in the dental practice, keep in mind that you are trained in this profession, but you have not necessarily studied how to run a business.

One of the most important things that play a vital role in the success within the dental practice is making sure that the employment process is done right. This will simply give your company a competitive edge.

Employees in the dental practice are enveloped in the concept of postmodernism, where success is also based on the foundation of hiring the right kind of people. Employees in this profession are more likely to be open-minded, having the capacity to question authority. This means that if an employee is not satisfied with his or her current job, he or she will simply move to another institution for a higher salary.

With this in mind, the human resource aspect in the dental practice can be outright daunting. If dealt with poorly, it can easily create chaos which results to a negative impact in the practice.

What Can Go Wrong?

As mentioned, the process of hiring employees to a company, especially in the dental profession, can be really daunting. There are a lot of possibilities that can happen if you end up hiring office employees who are incompetent, or those who are in just for the salary.

Among the things that you can expect includes failure to regularly and consistently send out test results and patient reminders. This can cause a bigger problem as it can harm the health of your patient, even resulting to law suits.

Breakdown of communications between the clinicians and the front office can result in a potential malpractice claim. A single violation to the HIPAA rules can also result to a fine that can reach up to a tremendous amount of $50,000. Well, you might also end up losing patients, and a lot of other missed chances to practice healing in a way that you want to.

Therefore, whether you are starting up a dental practice, or simply replacing an employee’s who’s retiring, it is wise to hire an agency to handle HR in order to attract top talents in the industry. This will also allow you to practice your profession as you wish.

Give Attention to Hiring

When you need to open the doors of working opportunities at your clinic, acknowledge the tendency to rush. However, keep in mind that there are strong reasons why you need to avoid doing so, and hire the right candidate to fill the position you are looking for.

Some dental practitioners hire the first person who walks in their office to apply. While there may still be a percentage of success in this aspect, giving yourself enough time to complete the entire hiring process will increase the chances of hiring an applicant that is fit for the job, and is in it because he or she deserves it.

This means that there is a need for you to take the time defining and detailing each and every position that you are planning to open before actually posting it. For example, if you are looking for a dental receptionist, you need to consider hiring one who knows more than just saying hello, or handling a multi-line phone conversations.

Receptions need to be customer-service oriented, with the capacity to deal with different types of patients, especially those who are under stress due to their conditions. A good dental receptionist is one who has the capacity to make your patients, and potential patients, to feel at ease and comfortable, even assisting them with filling out forms, or handling computer work.

As you put in together a job description for the different positions that require patient contact, make sure to take into consideration your local market. For instance, in certain southwestern parts of the country, office professionals who are bilinguals may give you a competitive advantage in your practice.

Collaborate with an HR Agency

While you can perform the hiring process on your own, collaborating with an HR agency can help you pick out the best candidate for the position that you are opening. While the entire procedure is taken care of by the HR agency, you can also work with them, telling them what you want, and what you want to achieve in the process.

What kind of employee are you looking for? For one, hire for attitude, character and initiative. These are the most common values and traits that could never be taught on the job. If you see a lack of performance in an employee, it can be corrected easily using structured training. Skills, can be taught, but attitude, never.

In order to avoid these problems, create a list of your ideal employee, and the expectations that you would like to see. Keep in mind, however, that you are only searching for an ideal employee, not a perfect one. Be realistic in your expectations as well. Also, put all of your hiring process requirements in writing. It would become easier for you to work with an HR agency if you have prepared everything already.

An HR agency’s role is to compare what you have already prepared, from the pool of people that they may already have, or from new applicants to their agency. They have the responsibility to make sure that your requirements and specifications fit well with the description of the employee applying for the position. By entrusting the hiring process to these professionals, it will not just be convenient on your part, but it will also allow you to work with the most competent people for the position.

Bottom Line

If you are in the dental practice, and perhaps you are running your own clinic, keep in mind that you are trained in this profession, but you have not necessarily studied how to run a business. Modesty in this regard involves understanding your limitations.

While you may be well adept in fixing oral issues of your patients, you may not be doing really well when it comes to hiring employees to your company. Hiring an agency to handle your HR needs may be the best solution that you can definitely count on!

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