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VPM takes charge of a company’s complete payroll service from input to year-end reconciliation.


HR Management

Our Human Capital Management (HCM) allows users to charge employees across companies and different jobs with automatic intercompany allocations as well as unlimited benefits/deductions and unique payroll register processing.

You can ensure that the right employee is doing the right job using the right tools by tracking applicants, employee work history, and skills. As the owner of the business, you’ll be able to access and edit all employee information and other human resources data online!

Your employees have greater self-sufficiency with our Employee Self-Service/Manager. This powerful tool permits employees to update personal information, inquire about sick/vacation leave, and enrol in benefits, all via an online portal.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are going to be available on a secure page so that you can see the developments as they happen and make the right choices for the growth and success of your company.


Our professional accountants are knowledgeable and enjoy working with clients on an individual basis. At our call center, your time will not be delayed through unnecessary wait times. Instead, you will be assured direct communication with a representative who will kindly handle your concerns or questions.

Payroll Processing

VPM provides you with ample convenience. If you are comfortable with us processing your payroll, just send us your timesheets by email or fax. If you prefer the cloud-based processing, just let us know at the earliest point in time.

If you want, VPM can also provide you with timesheet based payroll processing. Any relevant information such as employee data or banking information can be retrieved from the timesheets by our staff at VPM. We ensure error-free processing and that all deductions are made and properly paid out to the relevant payees in accordance with tax regulations and procedures. Afterward, direct deposits are made to each employee’s bank account and all other reports are sent to the client.


The cloud-based feature gives you another added alternative to your payroll processing. With a standard Internet connection, you have the freedom to enter data from anywhere you would like. Under this method, you do not have to fax or email us your timesheets for processing nor will you be asked to purchase software or upgrade your hardware to use this solution. It is a feature that is intended to sync payroll processing information seamlessly and instantly for your convenience. Your payroll processing information will become quickly available and accessible to us so that we can process your payroll needs faster. This makes it easy for you to process your payroll at your own pace.


Simple & Direct

V-Tac Payroll Processing System: V-Tac’s Payroll Processing System ensures a simple and direct payroll procedure. Here is what we do:
  • Accept data by fax or e-mail
  • Return completed payrolls in Canada within 24 hours
  • Provide payroll services to any province and territory in Canada
  • Prepare direct individual payroll
  • Receive uploaded time sheets
  • Make direct deposits to major banks

Reliability & Efficiency

We know that reliability and efficiency are key factors when choosing an outsourcing partner. As an experienced and trusted payroll firm, we are competent in this regard. Let us manage your payroll requests so that your business can focus on its vision, productivity, and other creative projects.

By handling all the aggravating problems that arise with payroll processing, VPM helps ease and speed up the workflow of any company. For instance, if you require a special report that manages the complexities of your payroll, we can do it. If you need tax pay and file service for your company with several branches across the province, we can do it. If you prefer to maintain control of your payroll but need some guidance, we can do that as well.

Whatever your business and whatever your business needs, we extend diversity in payroll methods, management reporting, support services, tax filing options, and more to help you save time and get on with your busy schedule.


Time & Cost Savings

Rather than waste valuable time and resources in organizing your own payroll, why not let us handle it. In doing so, you can devote more time to creative financial pursuits to strengthen productivity and maximize profit.

Our payroll department will ensure your priorities are covered. Through our strong knowledge, exceptional customer skills, responsiveness and extensive resources; we give you what you need, when you need it. We aim to satisfy your demands with a dependable payroll service that is accurate and convenient.

The advantage of our rapid payroll service gives you the ability to review the accuracy of your employees’ pay cheques and make any necessary changes online – all from the convenience of your desk. Simply e-mail a copy of your payroll to your company’s accountant before payday to eliminate the hassle of paper reports, and print payroll checks right from your office. You can also take advantage of our direct banking deposit as another payroll method.

Our affordable and reliable payroll services can enhance the productivity, accuracy, and punctuality of your entire payroll process. Regardless of your company’s scale, our up-to-date software packages make it easy for you to collect information and calculate timesheets to produce your payroll without incurring penalties. VPM is a confidential service you can trust and rely upon.

Your Benefits

Why tie up your valuable time and resources doing your own payroll? Here’s how payroll outsourcing benefits you:
  • Management can spend more time on decision making and business growth
  • Clients receive accurate and timely reports
  • Companies take advantage of already well established expert knowledge of payroll
  • Payroll cost is either fixed or flexible according to your needs
  • We keep up-to-date of regulatory payroll changes
  • Your company is free of payroll worries!

Compliance Expertise

We design and tailor every package to meet our clients’ distinctive demands. Our adaptive payroll system gives you complete control of your company’s data. When choosing VPM, you are guaranteed to get the best-personalized service. No matter what your business type is or the number of employees, we are certain our diverse selection of services will match your business requirements.

VPM offers personal attention that only a small regional service can provide. A complete menu of services to choose from will ensure that your payroll, tax, management data, and human resource needs are thoroughly taken care of.

If you happen to be looking for specific payroll services that are not listed here, do not hesitate to inquire. VPM will work hard to create the best solution to fit your business obligations because we understand that every company is different. As such, we are always willing to modify our payroll services to accommodate diversity.

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