Best Practices for Utilizing Seasonal Employees

By implementing the strategies and practices mentioned here, you will be able to prepare effectively for a highly successful holiday period for your business.

Even before we notice it, the holidays will make yet another round soon. With all the tasks that you may have at hand, time may become unnoticeable. With this in mind, a lot of businesses will now start to ramp up, adding more employees to ensure workforce during these busy days.

As a business owner, you may have already acknowledged some challenges that you may face along the way. This usually happens when you start considering some ways on how to utilize seasonal employees. Among the challenges that you may face include figuring out how much time and effort need to be invested in these seasonal employees without unnecessarily sacrificing ongoing activities and customer service.

Another possible challenge has something to do with motivating seasonal employees, especially when it comes to focusing on short-term goals. Also, using these opportunities to achieve your long-term goals and needs can also pose some issues.

Let’s take a look at some of the best practices that you can implement in your business, especially when using seasonal employees.

Identify Your Greatest Demands

Identifying the greatest demands for the season will serve as your basis to knowing the most critical items that you need to train at a certain point. It is not wise to expect others to quickly absorb all knowledge pertaining to your business in just a short period of time. To start off, you can pinpoint the top three items that would like to focus on.

However, if you are not sure which items should be included in the list, you can tap into your regular employee base, asking them for suggestions and ideas. With this, you can establish rapport, while valuing involvement with your seasoned employees. This will further help in shaping them to become more effective in their tasks, while diverting some stress from their shoulders.

Consider As Foundation Your Reasons for Hiring Seasonal Employees

One common mistake that a number of employers make is investing a lot of time and effort in preparing their workforce for the peak seasons, but failing to understand their reasons for needing the extra assistance. As such, it is important to consider the specific items that needs to be covered during this period. For example, if you are anticipating a retail rush, which specific products or services would require expertise? If you are dealing with tax season, what should be reinforce?

One thing that needs to be noted regarding this topic is that having temporary workers lacking of clear purpose may result to failure. To avoid this, establish expectations, communicating them clearly to your staff, and using them as basis for preparing a relevant training program. Every employee should be aware of the roles of others as this will help them provide support to each other.

Identify the Specialties of Each Seasonal Employee

It is often unwise to assume that all hired seasonal employees play a “jack-of-all-trades” role. To avoid this, you can start by taking into consideration some aspects that involve critical competencies, inventory management, prime product knowledge, clean-up and maintenance, administrative tasks and others.

You may also identify a specific set of about 5 key roles and duties assigned for specific types of employees. You can then create a match of the best people who could take on a specific skill set. Afterwards, you can establish, and deploy the teams. Focus mainly on these few and easy-to-learn items, getting the seasonal employees to speed up easily.

You can also identify and assign potentially complex or sensitive situations which are suited better for your experienced and regular staff in order to address the issue effectively.

Motivate Your Team Effectively

As you start becoming busy with the season, forgetting about your seasonal employees may demotivate them. As a result, they may end up getting bored and unproductive. Why not add perk them up so that they could get self-motivated? This may include some temporary perks or extra income. Some employers may also include their seasonal employees in some incentives, inviting them over for an employee appreciation dinner, or have them join in some meetings.

Even a simple “thank you” will do the trick. As much as you give attention to your regular employees, showing appreciation to your temporary employees will also make sure that you can provide only the best for your customers. As a bonus, when these employees become satisfied while working with you, they will leave some amazing testimonials regarding your company,

View Seasonal Employees as Potential Talents

One thing that you need to understand is that these seasonal employees are not temporary items, not disposable human beings. As a matter of fact, they can become an effective pool of new talents. During the time when they work under your care, why not be alert of those who stand out from the rest, learn more about their personal goals, and consider adding them to your regular staff if they have what you are looking for.

While some of these employees may only be enjoying the short term job, some of them may also be using these times as a stepping stone to reaching further goals in their career. If you are able to hire the good ones, you are actually doing a great favor for your company. You can start with observing them, and later on being clear with your intent of providing them the option of working with you.


In this guide, you have learned about the different ways in which you can reduce the stress related to the hiring of seasonal employees, helping them to embrace the tasks fast, speeding up as quickly as possible. If you have already hired new employees, you are now in a better position to deal with them. If you are still on your way to hiring them, you now have your bases covered. By implementing the strategies and practices mentioned here, you will be able to prepare effectively for a highly successful holiday period for your business.

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