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Asif Khan Insurance

A bit about Asif Khan, Desjardins Insurance Agent

Established in 2009, Asif Khan Insurance Inc. has grown into an established diversified financial and insurance agent that just about “does it all” – all types of insurance, car financing, retirement planning, and more.

About the only thing this one-stop-shop does not currently offer is mortgages to its current and prospective clients.

Secrets to his success

“Relationships matter to us.”

And we always want to make sure we’re growing, catering to our clients’ changing needs in finance and insurance, such as driver-less electric cars that are coming and here, and being ready for those sorts of challenges,” said Asif.

Asif Khan Insurance
Asif Khan Insurance

Looking for long-term commitment

When Asif was opening his business, he knew he wanted to focus on growing his business.

He needed a payroll service provider that not only had amazing customer service and fair pricing but would also work with Asif on building a long-term business partnership.

“It’s never just about money. There are a lot of other factors to consider. In our business, we know it’s very important to be able to demonstrate to clients through our actions that the quality of the relationship matters. We believe this key to a successful experience over the long-term.”

Asif Khan

Customized solutions & same-day assistance with VPM

“VPM has been responsive and effective at working with a small business like ours. The cutoffs are more flexible and a custom fit to accommodate our needs. They can deliver things quickly, even same day.

Once while I was on vacation, we sent incorrect payroll information for commissions and adjustments that we had to basically correct on the fly. It was our mistake, not theirs, and yet in an incredibly short period of time they made every effort to make sure we got our corrected payroll out,” said Asif.

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Less time on paperwork and more time with clients

“With a dedicated account manager and an all-in-one payroll solution that handles their needs, Asif and his team can now spend less time on micromanaging documents, leaving them with more energy and time to foster relationships with their clients.”

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