Frequently Asked Questions

Securing each client’s information is our highest priority through the use of innovative technology. The software we use has a built-in 128-bit encryption of data stream between our server and the client’s remote use of the software. The data stream uses an encryption key that changes with every panel. This encryption key is constantly active within our software and is used by other major financial institutions and organizations around the world. You can be rest assured that only you and authorized personnel will be able to access your virtual payroll system.

We guarantee that your finances are safely protected because we do not transmit funds over the Internet, but rather electronically transmitted through banking networks for your security.

Your files are actually more secure in our system than having them saved on your computer, network, or office. We organize and carefully backup your sensitive information for any potential risks or unforeseen circumstances. Given the fact that your business relies on our services, we always ensure that our system is prepared to handle a crisis (i.e. technical issues, hardware malfunctions, office fires, etc.) so that your payroll can still be processed without major delays or interruptions. You can relax knowing that your employees will always be paid on time whatever the case. Because payweb.ca is a hosted solution with increased password protection, there is less risk for employees to access and compromise private payroll information.

VPM is a national payroll service. Our system can provide payroll processing for any company anywhere in Canada. However, if you require a time card interface, or specialized file transferring, our system has the ability to work seamlessly with vtacpayroll.ca all you have to do is let us know.

We are proud to say we are one of Canada’s most reliable payroll service providers. We let our success speak for itself. VPM is composed of a hard-working team of skilled professionals with years of experience and expert knowledge. You can always rely on our advice and creative solutions.

Our service costs are inexpensive and reasonably affordable. We have many pre-designed payroll service packages available and you can even opt to create your own package to fit your payroll needs.

Of course! The only way to know if a payroll service meets your standards is by trying it out. You can try our demo report at no cost to you by providing us with demo report requirements. If you are not completely satisfied with our demo report, you can cancel at any time without any unexpected hidden fees.

Employees’ net incomes are paid through electronic transfer (direct deposit) through a privately secure banking network. This eliminates the cost of cheques, which is cost-effective for any business. VPM can safely deposit an employee’s payroll into any bank in Canada, trust company, or credit union. If you prefer traditional payment methods, we do offer cheque-printing options at your request.

Your taxes are electronically submitted to Canada Revenue Agency. Other deductions such as CPP, EI, federal and provincial taxes, including EHT in Ontario) are also submitted on your behalf, which is convenient for you. You will not be required to remember to remit your source deductions thereby, eliminating potential government fines and penalties. With VPM, all your source deductions are remitted on time – always.

Each employee receives a direct deposit statement (a paystub). It provides a detailed list of all earnings, deductions, taxable benefits, and the net pay for the pay period. The paystub also shows all year-to-date balances for each earning and deduction.

There are 2 ways you can choose to distribute paystubs to your employees. One way is that you can print from your computer on 81/2 “x 11” (standard letter size) paper. From there, you can insert each statement into an envelope for distribution on payday. A second way, which can save you time and money, is by sending electronic stubs (E-stubs) to the employees’ work or home address. E-stubs are password protected and offer greater security. They are a great for option for employees that do not work in-house.

The year-end process is really important to take note of. Before resetting your system to begin a new calendar pay year, a set of reports and file edit functions are available to submit your adjustments for the pay files.

As part of your service fees, you will receive more than 50 standard core reports. We also offer a variety of non-standard reports such as GL, WCB, and PIER reports at no additional cost to you.

For your added convenience, vtacpayroll.ca also gives you complete access to your payroll data files. They can be easily downloaded into Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports for custom reporting for free.

Apart from standard source deductions, we can do up to 20 different types of deductions and up to 30 different types of earnings.
It all depends on what day of the week you would like to process your payroll. Payroll processing must be done 2-3 days in advance of the specific payday. You will need to enter the time sheets for each employee for the hours worked, (along with their personal banking information and demographics name, date of birth, address, SIN, etc. only one time). Once this is completed, the information input by you (or other permitted employees) will be automatically uploaded onto the system for us to prepare. VPM will automatically charge your account for the necessary payroll funds along with payroll processing fees. In case of any errors or missed information, you can always contact one of our payroll coordinators for assistance to address any issues you may have. They are always happy to help.
VPM E-Payroll allows you to maintain control of your payroll processing without taking up your time and performing repetitive tasks to execute your company’s payroll. Right before you complete your final payroll, you can preview and review each employee’s gross-to-net calculation. At the same time, you can also access multiple reports quickly such as paystubs and your payroll register prior to closing your payroll.
Yes, we can do payroll processing for employees who work and reside in Quebec. Vtacpayroll.ca is also available in both English and French.
VPM has both E-Payroll phone representatives and VPM representatives that can be easily reached from anywhere in Canada. (Toll Free: 1-866-315-8822) or e-mail us: info@vtacpayroll.ca
When we set up your payroll services, we do a complete year-to-date migration for each employee, and then run an audit. By doing this, all of your employees will receive only one T4 for the current year. So there is no need to wait until January 1st to switch your payroll services to VPM.
We offer payroll services for various kinds of businesses across Canada at an affordable rate. You will have the opportunity to work with caring and knowledgeable people who are willing provide creative solutions to your issues. By choosing our services, you can be sure your company’s payroll services are well managed and looked after.
We offer many methods of payroll input: fax, e-mail, or through our convenient payroll software.
When we receive your payroll information, we can process it within 24 hours anywhere in Canada.
Yes, we can make direct payment deposits to any major banks within Canada.

If you happen to have any issues with your payroll processing or direct deposit transactions, you can speak to one of payroll representatives at 1-866-315-8822 or e-mail: info@vtacpayroll.ca

During our office hours from 9 am to 5 pm.

Yes, we also provide payroll services to individuals as well.
Definitely. Just contact us and tell us what you are looking for exactly, and we will ensure that you get what you need. We can customize anything to what suits you best.
Yes, we do all regulatory reporting and CRA remittances for Income Tax, CPP, EI, WSIB, Health Tax, Garnishments, Union Dues, and Statistics Canada submissions.
Yes, we can calculate and provide ROE solutions for you.
To get a special quote, please contact our sales department at 1-866-315-8822 or info@vtacpayroll.ca for specific details.
Yes, we send you an electronic PDF copy of your paystubs for you to print and distribute. It eliminates you waiting to receive your paystubs in the mail.
Because we customize our payroll services for the majority of our clients, rates can vary. If you would like to know more, just contact us by phone Toll Free 1-866-315-8822 or email info@vtacpayroll.ca us to get a free quote.
Yes, and it is our job to stay apprised of these changes. Our systems also automatically update with new policy changes without any disruptions or delays.
If we have not addressed your questions here, please do not hesitate to contact us. In fact, we encourage you to contact our payroll services department at 1-866-315-8822 or by email info@vtacpayroll.ca for any questions or concerns.