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V-TAC Payroll Management (VPM) has a 20-year history of developing and implementing quality solutions for specific payroll needs. We fully understand the Canadian tax codes and the rules, regulations, and requirements. We have expert knowledge and skill in making payroll remittance payments to the CRA, provincial health plans, and workers compensation. We work with both you and the CRA to resolve any problems and provide timely support.

Peter Hamill

Sales Manager

Peter studied at University Of Toronto with a degree with a Bachelor of Arts. He has been working with VPM since 2000 and promotes our payroll services to various organizations and liaisons with potential and current clients. He handles all inquiries and concerns with great care and diligence.

Prior to this, he worked for the Government of Canada as an employment counselor and supervisor from 1966 to 1996. Peter has also been the president of Saint Marks Non-Profit Housing Board, since 2004. He also acts as the convener for Saint Mark’s Church finance committee.


Nazim Zafor

Account Manager

Nazim studied at Centennial College with a degree in accounting. He began working at VPM at its inception in 1997 and developed and shaped the path that has taken the company to the current level of success that it experiences today.

Nazim develops effective business strategies and plans and oversees all operations and business activities of the company to ensure alignment with the short-term and long-term objectives and desired results. He pays close attention to the operational details and accuracy of our services, directs and supervises staff, and has a keen sense of what is needed to maintain quality control in different payroll processing situations.

He gives our company its strategic direction and created the vision for its success. He advanced its business and increased profits by moving a significant portion of our payroll services online. He enforces adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies to maintain the integrity of our services and our business ethics.

Nazim builds trust with key partners and clients. He analyzes problematic situations and occurrences and finds solutions to ensure client satisfaction and company growth. He is involved with all current and potential client accounts.

Fang Guo

PCP, Payroll Consultant & Senior Account Manager

Fang Guo studied at George Brown College with a degree in accounting. She has been with VPM since 2005.

Fang handles all charity client’s accounting and tax returns. She processes payroll accounting, such as journal entries or account reconciliations, and payroll remittances, such as federal & provincial, third-party or WSIB/WCB/CSST. She also looks after the year-end processing, including federal and provincial reporting, filing, and reconciliation for all our major accounts, including those listed in the Clients & References section of this proposal. Fang assists clients with payroll management as well, conducting budgeting, planning, and contract negotiations on their behalf.

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Sam Rahman

Payroll Consultant

Sam studied at Carleton University 2010 with a Masters in Statistics.

Sam joined VPM in 2011 as a payroll consultant. He manages accounts as an assigned payroll consultant and handles payroll administration, information, and remittances. He also oversees all banking transactions on his client’s behalf. He communicates with his clients on a daily basis, ensuring their needs are met and payments are made on time. Sam has experience with a variety of different types of payroll accounts and regularly updates his knowledge base with developing issues in the payroll industry.

Stephanie Spence

Payroll Consultant

Stephanie studied at University of Ryerson, with a degree in Business Management. She has been with VPM since 2013.

She helps clients understand what VPM offers in terms of payroll service and how they can benefit them, mostly expressing the flexibility and uniqueness of our service respective to the individual client. She helps to set up payroll systems for new companies, entering employees, and keeping the lines of communication open between the payroll team and their client coordinators. Stephanie comprehensive understanding of our company helps her to create customized payroll proposals, provide payroll service quotes, and update the online demo website for potential clients with their special needs in mind.

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Client Testimonials

“My Company has had a high turnover rate with bookkeepers. Just when they were trained and things began to run smoothly, they would have a change of mind and leave. This was stressful because it meant having to hire and re-train a new bookkeeper. By outsourcing my payroll to VPM, I don’t have to worry about staff quitting because I have a reliable payroll partner.”


Affy’s Premium Grill

“I am delighted that VPM was able to provide personalized attention to my payroll obligations. VPM is able to stay abreast with important updates for payroll regulations – which is something I cannot stay constantly informed about, that’s why I leave it up to the experts at VPM.”


2200631 Ontario Inc – Mamma’s Pizza

“We love that VPM has diversity in its selection of services and products. It made it easy for our company to receive adequate payroll services without compromising our business needs.”


Tridont Dental Centre

“I’m so happy with the way VPM delivers quality payroll services that I can rely on for knowledge and accuracy.”

Jim Liu, General Manager

Pizza Hut (4002)

“Finally, a payroll service that I can depend on and trust.”

George Skrba

Re-Source Recycling

“Working with VPM has always been a pleasure. They are friendly, resourceful, and insightful. Most importantly, all of our company’s information remained secure and confidential. We respect VPM’s integrity and standard of service.”


Dr. G & R. Sandhu Dentistry

“We have used VPM to help with our payroll advisory. We are more than happy with the work they have done for us.”


Irwin Seating Company

“We are proud to say that we have developed a sense of trust in VPM’s professional services. We would highly recommend them to any other similar business with complete confidence.”


Axiomatics Technologies Corp.

“We were impressed with the way VPM handled all of our payroll needs in a consistent and timely manner. Excellent service!”


Altamira Maintenance Ltd.

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