3 Benefits of Gig Workers

It is high time for government to set some rules and law on how to provide protection and these 3 benefits for gig workers without running over the line set for the actual employees.

In this changing world, it is no wonder why many of today’s young breed of workers is opting for a new working industry that provides them the flexibility, specialization and achieving balance on both work and life. And with certain benefits for the employers, many companies are recognizing it, hence the growth of what we call, the gig economy.

Under the law, however, gig workers are not yet eligible to certain rights such as overtime pay, health insurance, and minimum wage because they are considered as contract workers and not employees of the company. But at such changes in our economy now that this kind of jobs are booming, it is high time for government to set some rules and law on how to provide protection and these 3 benefits for gig workers without running over the line set for the actual employees.


Health Insurance Benefits

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One thing that lures employees to work in a certain company is if they have an attractive health insurance package. This is realizing how important health is and caring for yourself, and the fact that getting sick is something that happens to everybody and is caused by several uncontrollable factors. And having the health care insurance will provide the security and protection for employees especially in the long run.

It is however, a different case for the gig workers since they jump from employer to another, as they take several projects. In order to address this, there are companies who took initiative to partner with online health market places in order to create health insurance plans, wherein the worker pays, and not the company. And the best part of this also is that the service is continuous even after the gig worker or contractor’s contract with the company ends.


Bonuses for exceptional performance

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Like employees of the company, gig or contract workers should also be given huge tasks and projects that are essential in the operations of the company, and as such, incentives and bonuses for doing a great job and finishing it in a timely manner is one way of increasing job satisfaction.

From the growing number of gig workers, employers can easily select from a poll of skilled and talented candidates who would be doing the job with expertise. Most of these workers are young professionals, and degree holders who enjoys working what they love and likes the flexibility of time, hence prefers the precarious job in a gig economy.

And one of the benefit of hiring gig workers to the employers is it is typically cheaper. Aside from that, companies find it advantageous that they are only dealing them as per project, and thus, they don’t necessarily need to make a certain commitment to the employee.


Workers’ Safety and Protection

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Based on the report from the human resource consulting firm, Randstad, about 20 to 30 percent of the workplace are already composed of independent contractors, remote workers and other similar arrangements. And this figure is expected to soar even higher as the gig economy is becoming an accepted and recognized part of the economy across the country.

This only shows how the work industry is changing and adopting to the times. Also, according to the report, these professions ranges from information technology, engineering, administrative support, sales and business and development, finance and human resource.

Moreover, the federal government, as well as provincial regulators. have acknowledged the lack of protection of the contractual, gig workers and even those in the sharing economy who are not eligible to the benefits of those with full-time status. In fact, the 2017 federal budget has proposed updates to the Canada Labour Code to keep up with this changing work industry.



What do you think about the rise of gig economy in our time now? Have you experienced it or considering of trying it out? In this time of digital age and modernization, maximizing resources, flexibility of time, doing what you love while earning, or perhaps, because you are running out of job options are some of the reasons why the demography of this kind of industry is booming significantly. And with the benefits of this to the employers and economy, it is just right to acknowledge and provide them protection and benefits they deserve.

Tell us what you think about this new work trend by leaving us comments below. And if you like this article, please feel free to share.

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