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How HR Will Change As the Workforce Returns to the Office

This past year has completely changed the way the modern workplace operates.

If you were planning your HR activities in 2019, no one would have guessed that remote working and trying to juggle a proper work-life balance would be at the center of everything.

As more people say goodbye to their work from home attire and return to the office, it has a lot of companies re-evaluating their HR practices.

From the way employees are treated to employer expectations, HR holds more responsibility and accountability than ever for small- to medium-sized businesses across Canada.

Changes to HR as Employees Return to the Office

Although we are still not living in a post-pandemic world, we are already seeing some major changes to how business owners are treating their employees and handling HR. Here are a few to explore:

Relaxed employeePrioritize Employee Benefits & Well-being

The role a company plays in employee well-being became very evident in the last year. Our society has been functioning in a mindset that prioritized overworking yourself. As a result, employee well-being took a back seat.

Over the last year, we saw how difficult it was for employees to balance their work and personal life when they weren’t physically leaving work at the end of the day.

As the employees return to work, prioritizing your employees’ well-being will be crucial in the transition.

As a company, you need to include benefits and provide HR support that places an emphasis on employee well-being. HR activities will focus on helping your employees to become more balanced workers so that burnout and stress leave are less likely to happen.

Remote hiringRemote Hiring, Recruitment & Training

Remote hiring, recruitment and training had started to become a common practice for a few companies long before the pandemic. Now, it has become standard practice to limit everyone’s interactions.

However, as the workforce returns to the office, remote hiring, recruitment and training is something we will see more companies investing time and resources into.

On both sides of the recruitment process, remote interviews made things more convenient, saved time and avoided any issues with travel arrangements. Which also allowed for HR to consider a larger applicant pool of people outside their immediate area.

New Clauses on Employee Contracts

Having learned from this whole experience, future employee contracts will likely change to include clauses related to pandemics, natural disasters and other unavoidable events.

For instance, depending on the industry, many workplaces require employees to undergo drug testing to be deemed fit for work. During the pandemic, we have seen that mandatory testing for COVID-19 has become a requirement for workers who interact with the public, like in food service and retail.

As an employer, these clauses or requirements would be good to have present in employee contracts for workers who are coming into an office. This way, you will be able to maintain a safe workplace with employees who feel comfortable coming into the office.

HR software on computer and mobileV-Tac Payroll – Unified HR & Benefits

Having proper HR management for your company is more important than ever. The workplace is no longer what it used to be and the changes won’t be stopping anytime soon.

At V-Tac Payroll, we offer unified HR & benefits through using our Human Capital Management (HCM) service.

All of your crucial employee data, including payroll, can be found in one place.

This convenient service will allow you to make better decisions and lead your company to grow.

Learn more about our unified HR & benefits service and keep up with HR-related changes as you and your team head back to the office. Contact our team today!

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