10 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Manual Computing and Go With Cloud Payroll

Why you should switch from manual computing to the cloud.

These days, on-demand cloud computing is a hot topic! If you are currently running your own company, you may be among those who question themselves everyday whether or not ditching your manual computing system is better and whether going with cloud payroll solutions is the best option to take.

One thing that may be holding you back is that you have been so used to using manual computing for your business’ payroll system. You may never have encountered any problems at all. Why move?

One thing that you need to consider in this regard is that most of the payroll related work is done by actual employees. It is the employees’ role to ensure that accurate timesheets are sent as reports every month. They have to be extremely careful when it comes to sending reports of expenses, otherwise risking their allowances.

If you are now torn between two options, taking the time to learn about them is the best path to take. In this article, let us look into 10 reasons why you should ditch manual computing and go with cloud payroll solutions.

1. Results in Team Motivation

‘Team’ here means the actual employees under your care. Nothing is more motivating than being able to receive compensation right on time. When your employees are paid on time, they will no longer have to worry about when they will receive the pay that they have been anticipating for days. Rather, they can use their time on being more productive at work. On your end, you may now focus on inspiring and motivating your employees rather than sitting down long hours computing their expenses and salaries.

2. Lesser Bureaucracy at Work

A payroll software that is cloud-based could also mean that you can now automate government required forms. In the traditional way of doing things, you need to fill out the forms manually, even having the need to repeat doing so if you made some mistakes in writing. With a cloud based software, on the other hand, you are not just skipping these potential hassles, but you can also save time typically involved in the processing of forms. This results to time better spent in other core functions.

3. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Using a cloud-based software, it becomes really easy to access data on your laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet in just a few clicks and swipes. This means that you no longer have to worry about having to deal with scavenging through loads and piles of paper documents.

4. Improved Accuracy

With the use of a cloud-based software for payroll solutions accurately and automatically computes the figures, giving you the exact amount that every employee in your organization needs to receive. It also allows you to keep track of the work records of each employee, including overtime, shift differentials, taxes, absences, as well as benefit deductions. If you are still using manual computing, tracking all of these things can turn out to be challenging and difficult.

5. Faster Salary Delivery

One important thing that you should be careful about and not mess with is the livelihood of other people. Every day they work hard just to make sure that they get something satisfying at payday. For businesses, this means the need to send the salaries of your employees on the dot. Manual payroll computing will only consume a lot of hours, even days of actual work. Disputes can also happen if you make a mistake with your reports. On the other hand, a cloud-based software can easily process payroll in just a few minutes. By ensuring this level of accuracy, you can also expect happier and more motivated workers.

6. Data Security

There are a lot of service providers that currently offer affordable and efficient cloud-based payroll software. All you have to do is to take some time in choosing the best one that will answer all the needs of your growing business. Paper documents can easily be misplaced, damaged or even stolen. Instead, with the use of a cloud-based software for your payroll, you can limit only a number of individuals to have access to your confidential data. There is no worry on your of losing some important files, and of course, your job.

7. Less Mistakes

There is a higher likelihood that you will end up committing more mistakes with manual computing. With manual computations, you can miss out on some figures, regardless of how careful you may be. As you commit more mistakes, you end up losing more for your company. This can also mean dissatisfaction on the part of your employees, especially if they end up receiving lacking amount of money for their salary. At the same time, more hours that is spent on processing the payroll may also result to a decrease in employee productivity. This can be avoided with the use of a cloud-based software. As a bonus, this can mean more savings in the long run.

8. Easier Processing

In-house processes for payroll are complicated at times. New employees may even find themselves wasting a lot of hours just to learn how it works. This can be resolved by using a payroll system that is user-friendly, allowing the system to work for the employees.

9. Increased Productivity for your HR Team

With the use of a cloud-based software, you can keep your HR team always on the go, productive anytime. For example, if you are stuck in heavy traffic, you can use the idle time to get things done. As you commute, you can still process your payroll system using your tablet or smartphone. These software systems manage most of the tasks on your behalf. Now, deliverables can be accomplished faster.

10. Lower Cost

The use of cloud-based payroll systems offer relatively lower costs of computing. This is because they provide amazingly flexible pricing which can fit the needs of companies of varying sizes. Some are even available for free, though you may need to consider the features included.

Ready to take the leap? Many are doing so, and have experienced all of these benefits.

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